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Alabama's Marine Research and Education Center

Alabama Aquarium

Through beautiful visual exhibits and engaging interactive exhibits, the Alabama Aquarium will leave you with a broader understanding of the interactions that take place in Mobile Bay, the fourth-largest estuary system in the United States.

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University Programs

University Programs provide graduate and undergraduate education in partnership with the 21 members of the Marine Environmental Sciences Consortium (MESC). Students do not need to attend an MESC school to enroll in UP courses.

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Discovery Hall Programs

Discovery Hall Programs (DHP) hosts classes, field trips, and summer programs for K-12 students and educators. The hands-on learning programs promote conservation to increase public awareness and understanding of our ocean.

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Alabama's Center of Excellence

The United States Department of Treasury, in cooperation with the Alabama Gulf Coast Recovery Council (AGCRC) and the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR) awarded the Dauphin Island Sea Lab (DISL) to be the home for Alabama’s Center of Excellence (ALCoE). Alabama’s Center of Excellence will build upon the network of experts from the Marine Environmental Sciences Consortium (MESC), the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program (MBNEP), and the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium (MASGC).


The BayMobile brings the ocean to Alabama schools and community events throughout the year. On the road since 2002, the BayMobile was created to reach students in schools that may not have the means to travel to the Dauphin Island Sea Lab Campus.

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Dauphin Island Sea Lab Foundation

The Dauphin Island Sea Lab Foundation (DISLF) supports the Dauphin Island Sea Lab in its mission, "to provide wise stewardship of the marine environment through education and research". The foundation provides funds to sustain the activities of the Sea Lab and promotes awareness of the Sea Lab and its environmental issues. The Foundation is also continuing to build the George C. Crozier Endowment as well as the DISLF Endowment for the Dauphin Island Sea Lab.

The Foundation, established in 2004, is overseen by a governing board, which currently has 29 members. An advisory board to the governing board was established in 2011 and consists of 28 non-voting members. Executive Director, Helene Hassell, has served as director since 2010. The Foundation raises funds and promotes the Sea Lab through various means.

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Mobile Bay National Estuary Program

The Mobile Bay National Estuary Program—the NEP for all of Coastal Alabama—has been restoring and protecting our coastal waters since its establishment in 1995. Like all NEPs, the MBNEP is non-regulatory and works collaboratively with stakeholders to protect and restore Alabama’s bays and estuaries for our people, fish, and wildlife.